JP Wilson - J P Wilson Development owes me $2500 and won't pay.

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Costaricalakeandbeach located in Lake Arenal, Guanacaste Province kept my money. I placed a deposit on a property in his development lot 52 Buena Vista 6. My attorney was to review the contract. He reviewed it, didn't approve the contract. Wilson was supposed to return the money but he kept it and also asked for an additional $15,000. If I would have given Wilson more he would have kept that as well. Wilson has had my money since September, 2011. He kept my money and won't pay it back. He uses several different company names so be careful when searching for property in Lake Arenal area of Costa Rica.

We met w

Wilson at an investment seminar. He was not part of the actual seminar, he was there trying to solicit business away from the originally invited exhibitors. I want the money w

J P Wilson owes me. He won't pay. Buyer beware. Don't let this happen to you. Be sure to check to see if any complaints are filed against any companies you may be interested in doing business with. If there are complaints be sure to see how they're handled. Unfortunately, J P Wilson owes and he won't return my money.

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There's also some other complaints go to put JP Wilson in the search box.


J.P.Wilson is Liar and cheat. He will be your best freind untill he gets your money then he tells you talk to my laywer :( I beleive he will pass soon and go to *** were he belongs.

to johny #687165

Yeah I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.I'm surprised he's still alive now.

I heard he has Alzheimer's.:(

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